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Our raison d'être

At Domaines & événements, we bring to life exceptional heritage sites, integrated into natural settings, to unite and unite, create shared moments and arouse memorable emotions.

We demonstrate our social responsibility by opening our estates free of charge all year round for a variety of community events, such as Heritage Days, the Christmas market, egg hunts, Neighbors' Day... to strengthen ties within our communities.

We attach paramount importance to preserving the surrounding natural environment, with initiatives such as transforming our spaces into LPO refuges refuges to promote biodiversity and encourage harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

D&é takes care to maintain the authenticity of its sites steeped in history, while adapting them to modern requirements, thus ensuring that this heritage is passed on to future generations. Domaines & événements is committed to being a key player in the enhancement of the region's cultural heritage, seeing these efforts as fundamental to our identity and our role in creating a more caring society that respects its heritage.

Our concrete actions

We have joined B Corp's demanding "Benefit for All" approach, which enables us to work on 360-degree societal and environmental criteria on the following themes: environment, transparency, governance and impact on the community, employees and our customers.

Nature surrounds us and abounds us, so let's preserve it - it's the beauty of the world!
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Estate & management

Upstream, right from the construction phase:

Almost no soil artificialisation, as we are bringing existing sites back to life.
Replacement of fuel oil in our estates, installation of heat pumps and maximum insulation of our common areas.
Installation of vehicle charging stations and automated external defibrillators on our premises.
At least 10,000 euros invested in biodiversity, beehives on two of our estates.
Reduced water use: wells, springs and moats on our estates.

During operation:

0 plastic, water 0 kilometers.
Eco-label for our cleaning products.
We are moving towards 100% LEDs, as is already the case at La Thibaudière.
Selection of our partners and service providers based on CSR criteria.
Local jobs and short supply chains for craftsmen in particular.
Electric car for driving between our estates.

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Teams & offices

Our company is committed to fairness, with parity on the management committee and annual bonuses for all employees.

We promote a modern, responsible working environment by using coworking offices at Emergence, known for its advanced CSR policy.

We organize two team seminars a year in France, favoring train travel and carpooling, and promote sustainable communication through the exchange of shared documents.

Our induction program includes a full induction course with a variety of training courses (OH&S, labor law, in-house software, etc.), and we adhere to a zero-plastic policy by offering reusable water bottles and mugs to new arrivals.

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