How it all began 
Château derrière un arbre Domaines & événements
Profiles of the co-founders of Domaines & événements

Places born of entrepreneurial vision and passion

Nicolas Tommasini, a lover of architectural and natural heritage and a specialist in hotel real estate, believes in the revival of "connected" countryside. He met restaurateur Geoffroy Perdon, who was looking to open a venue in Western Paris. The result is Domaine de La Thibaudière, dreamed up in 2018-2019 as an ideal country home. Its initial success and the fruitful reflection during the covid, will lead to the ambitious "D&é" project in early 2020, at the heart of which is the development of Domaines & événements, a management company positioned on the dual private (weddings) and professional (corporate events) segment. The aim is to professionalize domain management and centralize the various skills (marketing, operational, financial, etc.) required to ensure the performance and profitability of the heavy investments involved in the rebirth of a "D&é" veunue and/or château.

At the same time, Nicolas has created D&é Invest, an investment company which acquires estates: Domaine de Vaujoly in 2020, Domaine d'Aveny 50% in 2021, Domaine des Barrenques in 2022, Domaine de Chauffour in 2024 or simply the business assets, such as Domaine de La Roche Couloir in 2020.

Our raison d'être

A project of passion & values above all:
We team up to (re)bring to life exceptional heritage sites, firmly rooted in the heart of nature, to create shared emotions and memorable moments.

Art that values both the place and the work
Silver sculpture Domains & events
Dandelion sculpture Domaines & événements

The ambition


After Provence and eastern Paris, D&é is now open to setting up in the suburban countryside of the greater Paris region, Normandy, Provence, Centre and Hauts-de-France. The 'D&é' brand implies a heavy investment in real estate and furnishings for the owners, and in in-house skills for Domaines & événements. Indeed, D&é's mixed positioning implies multiplying events by walking on 2 legs: private clientele (weddings, etc.) and professional clientele (corporate events, etc.).
In addition to investment via D&é Invest, D&é is now open to owner-investors in management or rental, and to owner-operators in franchise or concession. We offer a 360° service: pre-project study, financing file, project design, project management, opening, marketing, commercialization, operational standards, performance monitoring, purchasing, HR, legal issues...

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