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How can I organize my wedding from abroad?

wedding couple estate chateau main driveway exterior

I plan my organization!

I draw up my budget:

- Establish a realistic budget covering all aspects of the wedding, including the ceremony, reception, outfits, flowers, photography, etc.

I choose a date:

- Choose a date and make sure it's convenient for the people most important to you.

Did you know? Many couples opt for a weekday wedding. It's the ideal compromise for a unique venue at more affordable prices. During the summer, your guests will certainly appreciate an extended stay. Give them a great opportunity to spend a vacation in France!  

Photographer: Priscilla Puzenat, Bride and groom: L&S, Location: Domaine d'Aveny

I select my dream destination!

- Choose where you want to get married. If you have ties in your home country, this could be a practical option.

In terms of style, there's something for everyone!  

Are you planning a French-style wedding in a Parisian château? Then Domaine d'Aveny is the place for you!

Photographer: Priscilla Puzenat, Location: Domaine d'Aveny

Photographer Priscilla Puzenat, Location: Domaine d'Aveny

If you're dreaming of sun, olive trees and conviviality, Domaine des Barrenques is the place for you!

Photographer : All about tomorrow photos, Mariés C&M, Location : Domaine des Barrenques

Photographer: Camilleetjoris photofilm, Brides: C&J, Location: Domaine des Barrenques


Photographer: Stéphane Bourgeon, Location: Domaine des Barrenques

I surround myself with specialists

Hiring a French wedding planner is the key to a successful wedding.

An on-site wedding planner is invaluable for coordinating suppliers, visiting venues and managing logistical details from a distance.

To name but a few:

Weddings in Provence

Atout Coeur Paris

Anna P Wedding

Let's get married

Dream Wedding

MC2 mon amour

Oh my Girls

Charlotte Alaoui

Finding the best service providers

If you don't opt for a wedding planner, use online platforms and social networks to search for and compare service providers such as photographers, caterers, florists, etc. is an inexhaustible source of suppliers.

Caterers :

La Vallergue Catering

Erisay Traiteur

Grand Chemin Traiteur

Gaulupeau Traiteur

Le Sens des Saveurs

Délices Ephémères

Entre mets & Fragrances

Gauthier Traiteur

La Maison Camus

Dj :



Chartres Événementiel

Success Agency

Night Butterfly

DJ Kuisto

Photos and Videos :

Claire et Stéphane Photography

Stéphane Bourgeon Photography

Pascal VO

Bena Production

Laure Petit de Mange

Zackary Art

Organize videoconferences!  

Schedule virtual tours of wedding venues and video meetings with suppliers to discuss your expectations and ask questions.


Book travel and accommodation for your guests

Book your plane tickets and accommodation well in advance for you and your guests. Don't forget to organize transfers between the airport and the wedding venue.

Your wedding planner will be a great help in the planning.

Photographer: Stéphane Bourgeon, Location: Domaine d'Aveny

Invitations and communication

Sending save-the-dates and invitations

A save-the-date is recommended so that your guests can get organized as early as possible!

Then send out the invitations well in advance to allow your guests to get organized. Digital invitations can be a fast and cost-effective option.

To facilitate communication with your service providers, create one or more whatsapp groups.


Why not create a wedding website?

A wedding website can centralize all the necessary information for your guests, including the program, accommodation recommendations and travel details.


Coordination and final preparations

Delegate, delegate, delegate !!!

The wedding project is a long-distance race! To go the distance, don't hesitate to surround yourself and delegate certain tasks to your wedding planner, of course, but also to your witnesses and close friends!


Prepare a checklist

Make a list of all remaining tasks and follow it to make sure nothing is forgotten.


Plan a final visit

If possible, try to visit the venue a few weeks before the wedding to finalize details and meet the suppliers in person. The human link is essential in the wedding project, and you'll gain in serenity!

Try to finalize the last preparations 10 days before the wedding so that you can rest up and tackle the event in top form!  

Location: Domaine des Barrenques - La Magnanerie


Relax and ENJOY!!!

After all the preparatory work, be sure to make the most of your special day.


By following these steps, you'll be able to organize your long-distance wedding efficiently and with peace of mind. Good luck in your preparations!

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