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Unite your team,

in a sparkling, festive country setting,

near Paris and Chartres

What if your next seminar was held in the countryside?

Located in the Eure-et-Loir region between Chartres and the Perche, within walking distance of the Courville train station, Domaine de Vaujoly, surrounded by fields, ponds and gardens, is ideal for organizing a seminar, team building or afterwork in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


5 meeting


22 rooms

55 BEDS + Gîtes nearby

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<div class="text-style-cursive"><span class="cursive-underline is-short">Privatisez</span> le Domaine de Vaujoly, où<br>travail et plaisir se rencontrent en pleine <span class="cursive-circled">&nbsp;campagne </span>!</div>



from Paris


from Orly

25 min

of Chartres

3 min from Courville-sur-eure train station


from Paris

All-inclusive team building, meetings and training courses

Discover the Domaine de Vaujoly, the ideal place to organize afterworks or team-building events that will strengthen the bonds between your employees.

Fully privatizable, our estate offers a lush setting with 6 hectares of green parkland for outdoor activities, fully equipped meeting rooms, two large reception barns, and renovated rooms offering every comfort. Choose our "all-inclusive" package, including all our spaces, breaks, catering, overnight stays etc...

Perfectly designed to combine professional efficiency and well-being. Turn your corporate event into a memorable success.

<div class="text-style-cursive is-olive"><span class="cursive-underline is-long-yellow">Renforcez la cohésion d'équipe</span> lors<br>d'un séminaire d'entreprise à la<span class="cursive-circled-lines is-big is-yellow">&nbsp;campagne </span>!</div>

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Spaces adapted to residential seminars 1h10 from Paris and 20 min from Chartres

The estate offers two barns for plenary sessions of up to 350 people, 5 meeting rooms, 2 large terraces, one with a private bar, and a heated swimming pool.


22 rooms


+ Nearby gites

5 meeting


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A gourmet experience with local products

A complete range of local catering services, from welcome coffee to gourmet breaks, from seminar lunches to cocktail parties with aperitifs, or simply an original offer with a foodtruck or barbecue for a country lunch.

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Renovated, comfortable rooms

Accommodation in single or double rooms with continental breakfast.

Nearby, in the center of Courville-sur-Eure, our Maison Carnot, part of the Domaine de Vaujoly, offers 4 bedrooms for 8 extra beds.

La Terrasse de la Piscine
Cocktails by the pool
Pool bar
Cocktails at the Terrasse des Douves
Play areas
Outside the Domaine
La Grange des Douves
The swimming pool
The entrance to the estate
La Grange des Prés
The entrance to the estate
La Maison du Domaine
The Domaine bar
La Bergerie
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Discover the venue

Whether you're looking for a spacious domain for meetings, conferences, team building or seminars, our estate boasts a large green central courtyard, fully-equipped meeting rooms, comfortable rooms, a heated swimming pool, two large terraces and a pool bar for relaxing.

Explore our various play areas: pétanque, table tennis, billiards... The perfect place to combine work, leisure and relaxation.


Meeting room layout

At the heart of our estate, we offer five seminar rooms and a courtyard for your meetings, training courses or workshops. All rooms are equipped for comfort and functionality.

Whether for a small working group or a larger corporate event, our estate can adapt to your specific needs.


Our activities

Domaine de Vaujoly is a playground for team building, with various activities to suit: The Expedition, Vintage Rally in a VW Combi, The Biathlon Challenge, Archery Workshop, Treasure Hunt, Guided mountain bike ride...

These activities encourage collaboration and are an ideal way to build strong bonds between colleagues while having fun.

combi in front of the estate

Discovering Beauce in a Vintage Combi

Take a trip back in time aboard a vintage Combi and discover the magnificent landscapes of the Beauce region, as well as Chartres, a city famous for its cathedral, stained glass windows and the Maison Picassiette: a house entirely decorated with mosaics from wall to ceiling.

5-50 Prs.
2h approx.
countryside bikes

Guided mountain bike ride

Boost your company's team spirit with an unforgettable mountain bike outing! Situated in a stimulating natural setting, our mountain bike courses are specially designed to reinforce collaboration and personal achievement. Give your employees a dynamic and invigorating team-building experience.

10 - 80 Prs.
2h30 approx.
drones sky night show

Drone show

Surprise your employees with a drone show, a breathtaking visual experience where technology and art meet to create luminous choreography in the sky. Each performance offers a unique aerial tableau, synchronized to spellbinding music.

5-200 Prs.
20min approx.
equipe foret race

Biathlon Challenge

Do you want to boost your staff's team spirit while having a great time? Put them in the shoes of biathlon champions and offer them a unique, friendly and dynamic experience, whatever the season! Teach your staff to control stress and stay calm in all circumstances.

20 - 100 Prs.
2h approx.
teams in the forest

Escape Wood

Working in teams, equipped with a map of the forest, you'll have to discover the beacons, each one a real enigma requiring cohesion and perspicacity. You'll follow the set course, bearing in mind that the other teams have the same objective as you, and that you'll need to be quick and precise.

15 - 150 prs.
2h approx.
tasting team

The 5 Senses

Through challenges involving the five senses of sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell, you'll have to win as many as you can to become the "master of the senses". Create strong bonds between team members by engaging them in activities that require coordination and mutual trust.

15 - 80 Prs.
2h approx.


We offer you a team-building event that takes place in teams, loosely inspired by the hit reality TV show, with playful workshops calling for cohesion, team spirit and communication. Encourage friendly competition between teams, motivating them to outdo each other.

15 - 200 pers.
2h approx.

Karaoke Quiz

A team event for all fans of French and international songs. The principle: a musical blind test based on the greatest hits, where you have to find the performer of the songs suggested by the artists. Which table will sing the song best?

20-120 pers.
1h30 approx.

They trust us 

These companies have chosen our know-how and our domains to organize their seminars and team building activities.
We specialize in creating unique and unifying experiences.
Join us for an unforgettable team-building experience!

We've just held a seminar at Domaine de Vaujoly and what can we say? An air of vacation! This place is simply magnificent, with beautifully equipped rooms. We had incredible weather for exploring the surrounding area by bike. A soothing atmosphere with a staff that listens to our needs.

Domaine de Vaujoly was the perfect setting for our 2-day corporate seminar. The Grange aux Prés is absolutely magnificent, and the cocktail party around the pool added a relaxing touch to our event. We also enjoyed a game of billiards and the comfort of the tastefully decorated rooms. We warmly recommend Domaine de Vaujoly for its enchanting setting and exceptional service.


You organize

Where are your venues located?

We welcome your teams in France, in the Paris region, Yvelines, Eure and Vaucluse.

Domaine d'Aveny is located in Vexin-sur-Epte in Normandy, 1 hour from Paris.

Domaine de La Roche Couloir is located in Chevreuse in the Yvelines department, 35 minutes from Paris.

Domaine de La Thibaudière is located in Faverolles, on the border between the Yvelines and Eure-et-Loir departments, 50 minutes from Paris.

Domaine de Vaujoly is located in Courville-sur-Eure in the Eure-et-Loir region, 1h10 from Paris.

Domaine des Barrenques is located in Lamotte-du-Rhône in the Vaucluse region, 30 minutes from Montélimar, 40 minutes from Avignon and 2 hours from Lyon.

Is it possible to share rooms for several participants?

Yes, it is perfectly feasible to accommodate several participants in twin rooms. Some estates have more rooms to share than others.

Can you privatize a venues ?

Absolutely, in fact it's ideal! Our venues are on a human scale, and if you want to personalize them in your company's colors, you can take full advantage of the location, with a team entirely dedicated to your employees.

I'm looking for a daytime and/or evening activity. What would you suggest?

Our estates offer a wide range of activities, both free and supervised, to ensure you have a great time together. You have free access to a variety of activities: billiards, table soccer, board games, sauna, swimming pool, pétanque, cycling, etc...

Haka? Concert? Escape game? Survival, construction, nature or CSR experience? For an enhanced experience tailored to your objectives, please send us an e-mail to We'll send you our catalog of activities.

I haven't received a reply to my request. What should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Domaines & événements seminar sales team by telephone on 01 87 43 00 10 or by e-mail at

There are more participants than beds on the site. What do you offer?

Most of our estates have additional sleeping facilities on site (tents, dormitories, convertibles) or gîtes in the immediate vicinity. Just ask!

You take part

I have a corporate event in one of your areas. How do I get there?

Domaine de La Thibaudière - Rue du Bout au Duhay, 28210 Faverolles, France

By car: 50 minutes from Paris, on the border between the Yvelines and Eure-et-Loir departments.

By train: 17min from Épernon or Maintenon station. 44min journey from Paris Montparnasse.

Domaine de La Roche Couloir - 35 ter Rte de la Brosse, 78460 Chevreuse, France

By car: 35min from Porte d'Orléans in Paris, on the border between Yvelines and Eure-et-Loir.

By train: 9 min from Chevreuse RER station. 50min RER B journey from Châtelet-les Halles.

Domaine de Vaujoly - Lieu Dit Le Vaujoly, 28190 Courville-sur-Eure, France

By car: 20min from Chartres, 1h10 from Porte d'Auteuil in Paris.

By train: 15min walk and 2min drive from Courville-sur-Eure station. 1h11 journey from Paris Montparnasse by TER (regional express train)

Domaine d'Aveny - 1 Rue Pavée, 27630 Vexin-sur-Epte

By car: 1 hour from Paris in Normandy.

By train: 23min from Vernon-Giverny station. 50min from Paris Gare Saint-Lazare.

Domaine des Barenques - 6 Quartier des Barrinques, 84840 Lamotte-du-Rhône

By car: 40 minutes from Avignon, 30 minutes from Montélimar and 2 hours from Lyon, in the Vaucluse region of Provence.

By train: 7min from Bollène-la-Croisière station. 30min journey from Avignon and Montélimar.

Do your venues accept pets?

We regret to inform you that pets are not allowed on our venues.

What should I do if I've lost something during my seminar?

If you have forgotten a personal item, please contact our seminar sales department by telephone on 01 87 43 00 10 or by e-mail at

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